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The Wheel Reinvented
Do you want to get better with numbers? This iOS app is designed to help you practice mental math and track your results!
okay to change
An online store currently selling laser cut acrylic earrings. With prices starting from $2, pick up a dangle earring or check out our social media content!
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A skit-based web series bent on exploring endless video, functional vs preachy art, and humanity’s patterns of miscommunication.
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Documentary Still
A documentary exploring how some of the leading organizers in Westchester County push back against a lack of affordable housing and education funding, as well as America's prison complex and institutionalized racism.
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Video Still
A Unity rhythm game and music video culminating in the focus on global western interventionism and the SCL Group in particular, the ethos of both - ultimately leading to assumptions of superiority and other forms of racism.
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A simple javascript/php game attempting to push on the anxiety of scrolling. You have a saw-toothed mech-monster on your tail, but you have to scroll through the infinitum of cultural wisdom and jibberish to escape.
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Video Still
An early attempt at the video essay format. Here, I attempt to generally describe 6 cornerstones of modern ignorance.
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Recorded, produced & engineered in my bedroom, this album presents slick, thick and energetic production alongside profound observations in the realms of emotion, perception, escapism, and religion.

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